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Sleep Tight Club

You can count on Dream Heating & Cooling for all your Sleep Tight Club needs in Watkinsville, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

For immediate assistance, please call our office at 706-202-9684.

Sleep Tight Club

The only plan that keeps you dreaming



Why is this the only plan we offer?

Why not only offer you our best!

The “Sleep Tight Club” offers high valued services to make your experience convenient and efficient. With opportunity for monthly or annual rate pay, we want to make sure you are stress free when joining the Dream Team.

Sleep Tight Club Includes:
  • 2 In-person visits per year (1 for cooling season, 1 for heating season)

  • 24/7 System Performance Reporting with our Smart Maintenance System

  • 24/7 Access for emergencies

  • Priority service in the event of a breakdown

  • 1 Hour appointment windows

  • “Clog free guarantee” with our specialized drain treatment*

  • $150 Loyalty credit sign up bonus*

  • $100 per year loyalty points*

  • $25 per year filter credits

  • 15% Discount on HAVC repairs

  • Reduced Diagnostic

  • Customer portal for scheduling, viewing history, and paying online

Exclusions Apply:
  • “Clog free Guarantee” is only available when drain lines are accessible for cleaning with a ground level access.

  • Any recommended repairs while performing maintenance visits are excluded.

  • System must be operational in order to perform regularly scheduled maintenance.

  • Loyalty credits apply to system or major equipment replacements only .

What do we check during our visits?

Cooling season prep:

  • Performance and condition of furnace motors

  • Gas pressure at furnace

  • safety sensors for proper operation

  • Performance and condition of ignition system

  • Condition of heat exchanger

  • Condition and safety flue pipe*

  • CO levels a supply vents

  • Removal of debris from main burner compartment

  • Measure supply and return air differential 

  • Condition and performance of system thermostat

Heating season prep:

  • Proper transition from cool cycle to heat cycle

  • Condition and performance of emergency electric heat

  • Refrigerant levels

  • Performance and condition of all system motors

  • Performance and motor start devices

  • Condition and performance of all electrical relays on system

  • Condition and performance of control boards

  • Condition of indoor evaporator coil*

  • Condition of ductwork and insulation

  • Condition of safety power shut offs to systems

  • Remove debris, dust or dirt buildup from electrical compartments on both indoor and outdoor systems

  • Inspect condition of refrigerant lines and insulation*

  • Condition of high and low voltage electrical lines from safety power shut offs to systems

  • Measure supply and return air differential

  • Condition and performance of system thermostat

  • Replace air filters*

Exclusions Apply:
  • If equipment, component or other part of a system is not accessible, an extra charge may be required to make it accessible or it may not fall under inspection lost.

  • Drain lines and “clog free guarantee” are excluded if there is not a ground level accessible clean out.

  • Air filters must be ordered through app or an extra charge for a truck supplied filter may apply.


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