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Heater Repair

You can count on Dream Heating & Cooling for all your Heater Repair needs in Watkinsville, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

For immediate assistance, please call our office at 706-202-9684.

Professional Heating Repair In Athens, GA

Few things are more frustrating than discovering your heating system is no longer working in the middle of winter. Instead of dealing with the cold, get immediate heating repair services in Athens, GA and surrounding areas from a qualified HVAC contractor, like Dream Heating and Cooling.

Dream Heating and Cooling is a fully licensed and insured HVAC company with a team of courteous, well-trained technicians. No matter your heating system problem, you can count on our technicians to arrive at your home on time in fully stocked vehicles, ready to restore your system’s operations. No repair job is too much for our professionals!

Dependable Heating System Repairs

You and your family deserve to have the best indoor comfort. Unfortunately, heating systems have a set lifespan, so they will only perform efficiently for 15 to 20 years with routine maintenance. Still, you can ensure your furnace or heat pump runs at its peak performance for as long as possible with timely heating repairs from Dream Heating and Cooling.

At Dream Heating and Cooling, our customers’ comfort and safety are our top priorities. We deliver the best services possible and work hard to meet our customers’ heating needs. Our skilled technicians proudly service heat pumps as well as gas and electric furnaces. Below are common signs that it’s time to call us for heating repair in Watkinsville, GA:

  • High Energy Bills: The harder a heating unit has to work to deliver warmth, the more energy it consumes. Heating system repairs can provide necessary energy savings by making the unit run more efficiently.
  • Short Cycling: Short cycling occurs when the furnace or heat pump turns on then shuts off after a few minutes. This problem causes undue stress to the system.
  • Unusual Noises: Heating units should only produce a slight hum while running. Contact us for an inspection and repairs if you hear clanks, whistling, pops, or bangs.

Common Heating Problems and How We Address Them

Due to our professionals having years of HVAC experience, Dream Heating and Cooling can quickly identify problems with heating systems and provide innovative, long-term solutions. We thoroughly examine furnaces and gas pumps using our sharp attention to detail to uncover potential issues.

Unfortunately, not all property owners know when to contact us for professional heating repair assistance. Though we can address any concern, here are some common heater problems to watch for:

  • Furnace leaks
  • Lack of heat
  • Low airflow
  • Gas smells inside the house
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Yellow pilot lights in gas furnaces

Troubleshooting Tips For A Malfunctioning Furnace Or Heat Pump

When furnaces stop working correctly, they sometimes have dirty air filters. Dirty filters restrict airflow, forcing the unit to overwork and wear down parts prematurely. Replacing the filters at least once a month is best.

It also helps to check your thermostat settings and circuit breaker if your heating system isn’t working. If problems remain after troubleshooting, contact Dream Heating and Cooling for a precise diagnosis and fast repair.

Turn To Dream Heating & Cooling For Your Heating System Repairs

Dream Heating and Cooling will meet your heating repair needs while exceeding all of your expectations. Call to schedule an appointment with our technicians today for affordable heating repair in Bishop, GA and surrounding areas.

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How can I reduce my heating costs?

You can reduce your heating costs by investing in an energy-efficient heating system, utilizing programmable thermostats to adjust the temperature when you are not home, keeping filters clean and regularly maintained, and sealing any cracks or gaps around windows or doors that could let cold air in.

How often should I service my heating system?

It is recommended to have your heating system serviced at least once a year in order to maintain peak efficiency and prevent any major issues from arising.