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You can count on Dream Heating & Cooling for all your HVAC needs in Watkinsville, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

For immediate assistance, please call our office at 706-202-9684.

Quality Heating And Cooling Services

Receive the best HVAC services in Watkinsville, GA, by working with Dream Heating and Cooling! You can schedule maintenance, repairs, replacements, and more by giving our team a call today.

Many shops, restaurants, and small businesses make up downtown Watkinsville, a place many Georgia property owners call home. Watkinsville hosts its Fall Festival annually in October and a Christmas parade and tree lighting at the end of the year. You’ll also find beauty in Watsonville Woods.

Watkinsville weather can be wild and extreme, but having the best possible HVAC system can help combat dramatic temperatures. Whether a cold winter night or a hot summer day, Dream Heating and Cooling aims to provide a full range of incredible HVAC services.

Watkinsville’s Reliable Air Conditioning Repairs

When our clients need AC repair in Watkinsville, GA, we make it our mission to get to their properties fast and fix their systems. You may find it the most crucial of our HVAC services in Watkinsville, GA, as temperatures climb and produce blistering heat. Some popular problems we address with professional Watkinsville air conditioning repair services include:

  • Blown motor
  • Dirty evaporator coils
  • Clogged or dirty filter
  • Faulty electrical connections
  • Blocked drain lines

With rising temperatures, you need your air conditioner to run without a problem. If you keep up with regular air conditioning maintenance in Watkinsville, GA and call for repairs as soon as you spot an issue, you’ll spend less. You’ll also decrease your chances of needing repairs in the first place.

Heating Repair In Watkinsville, GA

We sometimes take our heating systems for granted, even forgetting we have them until something goes wrong. When heating troubles occur and make your home uncomfortable, fast help from a professional team is just a phone call away. We’ll quickly get to the root of the problem. Common reasons homeowners call our professionals for heating repairs include:

  • Unusual sounds and smells
  • Random on and off cycling
  • Difficulty warming your property
  • Producing cool air or none at all

Heating problems can be dangerous, especially if you have a gas or electric furnace. Don’t delay addressing a problematic heater—call us now!

HVAC Maintenance In Watkinsville, GA

Maintenance plays a major role in our HVAC services in Watkinsville, GA, because it keeps heating and cooling systems functioning longer. No homeowner wants to replace their fairly new air conditioner or heating system, and regular maintenance offers a great way to prevent that. All types of HVAC systems need maintenance at least once a year to maintain optimal condition.

Although maintenance tasks may vary based on the type of heater and air conditioner you have, you can expect some of these tasks:

  • Assessing the appliance’s state with a detailed examination
  • Verifying the system’s safety and function with multiple tests
  • Cleaning all internal and external components
  • Replacing dirty or clogged filters

If you haven’t already scheduled an annual heating or cooling maintenance appointment, now is the perfect time. Reach out to book with us today!

Heating And Air Conditioning Replacement Services In Watkinsville, Georgia

If your trusted air conditioner is ready to expire, prepare ahead of time with the help of our team. We can see if a different type of cooling system would better suit your needs, as newer systems are more advanced, energy efficient, and easier to operate. We understand AC replacement in Watkinsville, GA is an investment for your home, and we are ready to help find a solution that best fits you and your budget.

Looking for a new heating system instead? No problem! Our team can replace old appliances for all kinds of heating and cooling systems, including lesser-known brands, and has incredible prices, turnaround times, and customer service. When you need to replace your heating system, you have plenty of excellent, energy-efficient options, including:

  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Boilers

If you have a furnace, it’s likely time to replace it if your system constantly overheats, can’t achieve consistent temperatures, and makes loud noises. Yellow burner flames clearly indicate something is wrong, such as a gas leak, so don’t wait to reach out if this applies to your situation.

Choosing the right heating system depends on several factors, including your heating needs, the size of your home, and what your current heater lacks. Our technicians will help you find the perfect heating replacement in Watkinsville, GA that doesn’t exceed your budget.

Give Our Professional Team A Call For HVAC Services In Watkinsville, GA

If you’re ready to schedule any of our top-notch HVAC services in Watkinsville, GA, contact Dream Heating and Cooling. You can call 706-202-9684 to discuss your needs or book a service appointment for your heating and cooling system.

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