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Indoor Air Quality

You can count on Dream Heating & Cooling for all your Indoor Air Quality needs in Watkinsville, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

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Indoor Air Quality Services In Athens, GA

Helpful Indoor Air Quality Solutions

If you find yourself experiencing worse allergy-like symptoms than normal, your indoor air quality could be to blame. Air quality affects everything from your health to how well your HVAC system runs.

At Dream Heating and Cooling, we strive to keep our customers comfortable, safe, and healthy. We offer various indoor air quality services in Athens, GA and surrounding areas to improve your air quality so you can live in comfort. Our certified technicians are experts at increasing your system’s efficiency and cleanliness. Each one of our HVAC services provides the following:

  • Incredible customer service
  • Expert solutions to improve air quality
  • Competitive pricing

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Your air quality measures the level of indoor air pollutants in your home from things like organic compounds, gasses, and dust accumulation. Poor air quality presents several health risks, reduces comfort, and indicates issues with your HVAC system.

What Affects My Indoor Air Quality?

Not only do harmful pollutants determine the quality of your air, but things like humidity levels as well. Humidity is an important factor to your home comfort, and levels should remain between 30-50%. High humidity encourages factors such as mold growth, while low humidity can lead to health effects such as increased susceptibility to illnesses.

Additionally, indoor air quality can be affected by the following factors:

  • Environment: The air outside your home hosts many chemicals, especially in cities. Smoke, smog from factories and cars, and allergens like pollen all permeate the air and pose a risk to human health and comfort.
  • Insulation: Your home’s level of insulation affects how much outdoor pollution enters your home. If your indoor air quality is poor, consider replacing your windows and improving your attic insulation.
  • Filters: Your level of filtration determines how well your home eliminates invading pollution. If your air conditioner or furnace has a HEPA filter, you likely avoid the most detrimental compounds. However, for increased peace of mind, consider adding an air purifier to eliminate 99.9% of all contaminants.
  • HVAC usage: The frequency with which you run your air conditioner and furnace affects how quickly they accumulate dust. To maintain good air quality, only run your HVAC system when needed.

Benefits Of Good Indoor Air Quality

When you improve your air quality, you’ll see three main benefits:

  • Improved health: Because contaminants are damaging to your health, reducing or eliminating them leads to better overall well-being. With fewer pollutants, you’ll suffer less illness, fewer respiratory issues, and decreased allergies.
  • Increased comfort: One effect of poor air quality is lukewarm air. When your HVAC system provides the temperature you want, you’ll experience overall greater comfort.
  • Decreased expenses: With better air quality, your HVAC system runs more efficiently, and you need fewer doctor appointments. You’ll save money long-term when you invest in good filtration.

How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Dream Heating and Cooling offers various solutions to improving your indoor air quality. No matter the harmful pollutant your home is struggling with, our team is dedicated to keeping you and other residents healthy year-round. If you want to improve indoor air quality, you can install the following equipment:

  • Quality air filters: Quality air filters can remove almost all of the contaminants in your air, helping to improve your overall health. Contact a dream technician to learn more about choosing a quality air filter for your home.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers: Appropriate humidity levels can greatly affect your air quality. A humidifier or dehumidifier can either add or remove humidity for more overall comfort.
  • Electronic air cleaners: Electronic air cleaners target harmful airborne pollutants. Use these cleaners to scrub contaminants from the air and breathe easier.
  • UV lights: These systems use UV lights to kill bacteria, mold, and mildew to enhance your air’s breathability.

Call Dream Heating And Cooling To Check Your Indoor Air Quality

Are you suffering from poor indoor air quality issues? Dream Heating and Cooling is here to help. Don’t subject yourself to interior air quality issues and discomfort. Our friendly service professionals are standing by to help. Call 706-202-9684 to schedule an appointment today!

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