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Top 8 Spring AC Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for a Trouble-Free Cooling Season

As spring unfolds, many homeowners eagerly anticipate the comfort of a well-functioning air conditioner.

Yet, amidst this seasonal shift, common oversights in AC maintenance can lead to inefficiencies or, worse, unexpected breakdowns when you need cooling the most.

From the simple act of replacing a grimy air filter to ensuring your AC coils are free of dust and debris, these seemingly minor tasks play a pivotal role in your system’s performance and longevity.

Ensuring you’re not caught off-guard requires a mix of diligence, knowledge, and at times, the insight of a professional.

Importance of Regular Filter Maintenance

Keeping an eye on your air conditioner’s filter isn’t just about ticking a box on your spring-cleaning checklist; it’s about grasping the lifeline of your entire cooling system. A clean filter plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal air quality within your living space, significantly reducing the presence of dust, pet dander, and other allergens that can circulate through your home. It’s a straightforward task with profound implications for both your health and the functionality of your AC unit.

Forgetting to Inspect and Clean the AC Coils

One oversight that often slips under the radar is the failure to inspect and clean the AC coils.

These coils, fundamental to the process of heat exchange, play a pivotal role in the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioning units. Neglect can lead to a buildup of dirt and debris, significantly hampering the system’s performance.

Overlooking the Importance of Coil Fins

Another often neglected aspect of spring AC maintenance is the important role of coil fins in the overall health and efficiency of your air conditioning systems.

These delicate metal pieces work in tandem with the coils they protect, facilitating crucial air flow and heat exchange. Misalignment or blockage among these fins can dramatically hamper system performance, setting the stage for a summer filled with unnecessary cooling challenges.

Ignoring the Condensate Drain Line

Stepping into the warmer spring season, it’s essential not to overlook a crucial element of your air conditioning systems: the condensate drain line.

This component, while often underestimated, plays a pivotal role in the smooth operation of our AC units by whisking away the moisture these systems pull from the air.

Moisture that, if not properly channeled away, can lead to issues ranging from water damage in your homes to the proliferation of mold and mildew.

Skipping Window Seal Checks for Room AC Units

Securing a breach-free barrier between the cooled air inside and the warm air outside, intact window seals are foundational to your AC units’ efficiency.

Tackling this aspect head-on not only fortifies your cooling system against energy leaks but also marks a pivotal step in preserving a comfortable and cost-efficient home environment as the temperatures climb.

Not Preparing the AC System for Winter

Despite commonly focusing on getting our AC systems spring and summer-ready, an essential aspect often slips through the cracks: preparing our AC system for winter.

However, the winterization of the AC is crucial for avoiding unexpected breakdowns and ensuring the system’s efficiency and longevity in the warmer months.

Delaying the Decision to Hire a Professional

Among the myriad tasks dotting our springtime maintenance checklists, recognizing when it’s time to enlist the services of a professional often falls by the wayside.

It’s a common predicament: many homeowners believe regular air conditioner upkeep is well within the DIY realm.

Yet, the complexity of modern cooling systems exceeds simple filter changes and external cleaning.

They require a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the system’s intricacies.

Through professional inspections with Dream Heating & Cooling, homeowners gain insights into underlying issues, optimize their systems for peak performance, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Inadequate Overall Maintenance of the Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is a complex system requiring attention beyond the basic tasks many believe suffice.

Through numerous springs and summers, following a comprehensive checklist tailored for seasonal maintenance, adhering to a structured monthly upkeep routine, and proactively addressing the minutiae that could escalate into larger issues, have been pivotal.

These practices collectively act as a shield, guarding against the sudden failures that leave you sweltering in the heat and grappling with avoidable repairs.

Comprehensive Checklist for Spring AC Maintenance

Embarking on spring AC maintenance illuminates the importance of a comprehensive checklist that covers more than the basics. A well-structured plan should incorporate a thorough examination of the condenser and evaporator coils, ensuring they are clean and free from obstruction, verifying that the refrigerant levels are optimal, and inspecting the fan and electric motor for any signs of wear.

Another vital component of my springtime ritual involves cleaning or replacing the air filter and testing the thermostat’s accuracy. It’s a practice that not only optimizes the air conditioner’s performance but also contributes to a noticeable difference in air quality within your home. This methodical approach has consistently paved the way for a trouble-free cooling season, affirming the value of meticulous AC maintenance.

Let Dream Heating & Cooling Handle Your Maintenance

Ensuring a trouble-free cooling season necessitates avoiding common AC maintenance mistakes that homeowners often overlook during spring.

Embracing a comprehensive approach to maintenance, including addressing small issues before they escalate, ensures your air conditioner runs smoothly throughout the warm months, saving you from unexpected failures and unnecessary repair costs. Rely on Dream Heating & Cooling to professionally handle all of your maintenance needs to keep your home comfortable. 

Silent Threats: Understanding Cracked Heat Exchangers and Their CO2 Impacts 

In Watkinsville’s heart of winter, where each home becomes a refuge from the biting chill, the reliability of your heating system is extremely important. At Dream Heating & Cooling, we are ready to help you stay safe by making sure that priority is placed on the integrity of the core of your system—the heat exchanger. 

With our expertise, the potential silent threat of cracked heat exchangers and the risk of CO2 emissions are meticulously managed. It’s this expert attention to detail that fortifies Watkinsville homes against the invisible dangers of winter, safeguarding the air you breathe as carefully as the warmth you cherish. 

The Hidden Risks of Cracked Heat Exchangers 

Every heating system harbors an essential component that stands guard over your household’s warmth and safety—the heat exchanger. It is nestled in the heart of your gas furnace and is a crucial piece of your heating system that is responsible for a silent but vital role. It focuses on transferring heat without allowing combustion byproducts to seep into your sanctuary. In Watkinsville, where the chill of GA winters is as biting as it is beautiful, understanding the integrity of your heat exchanger is how you safeguard against the unseen dangers that lurk in the cracks. 

Shielding Your Home: Solutions for Cracked Heat Exchangers 

Vigilance is the key to making sure that your home stays safe for everyone living in your home. It’s not enough to simply enjoy the warmth—you need to make sure that it is delivered safely. We want you to have information on carbon monoxide and how to keep it at bay this winter. 

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Risk 
  • Importance of Routine Inspection and Maintenance 
  • Symptoms of Cracked Heat Exchangers 
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Added Safety 

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Risk 

In the depths of winter, your home’s comfort hinges on the steady operation of your heating system. However, there could be an unseen risk lurking that is potentially lethal: carbon monoxide. That is why it is so important to have a good understanding of what it is and how to mitigate the risks, especially when it comes to cracked heat exchangers. 

  • The Invisible Hazard: Carbon monoxide, a byproduct of the fuel-burning process in gas furnaces, can seep into your living space through the smallest cracks in a heat exchanger. 
  • Symptoms to Watch For: Be aware of sudden headaches, dizziness, or nausea, as these can be telltale signs of CO poisoning, demanding immediate attention. 
  • Regular Vigilance: Recognizing the importance of prevention, routine inspections become key to detecting early signs of wear and potential CO risks in heat exchangers. 

When you have the right information, you can take proactive steps to ensure your home remains a haven. 

Importance of Routine Inspection and Maintenance 

The continuity of warmth in your home this winter is a symphony orchestrated by your heating system, with the heat exchanger playing a vital role. When you take time to ensure this component’s integrity through routine inspection and maintenance, it will uphold a standard of safety. 

  • Detecting the Undetected: Specialized tools and techniques in the hands of skilled HVAC professionals are pivotal in spotting the earliest signs of potential cracks. 
  • Preemptive Action: Addressing these vulnerabilities early on can prevent the escalation of risks and maintain the safe operation of your heating system. 
  • Commitment to Safety: Regular maintenance schedules stand as your frontline defense against the unforeseen, ensuring that the heart of your heating system beats strong and secure. 

Through vigilant care and routine professional oversight, the resilience of your heating system against the cold is matched only by its operational safety. This winter, let the warmth of your home be matched by the peace of mind that comes from diligent maintenance practices so you don’t have to worry about the effects of cracked heat exchangers. 

Symptoms of Cracked Heat Exchangers 

The integrity of a furnace’s heat exchanger is extremely important for safe operation. Knowing the symptoms of a cracked heat exchanger can mean the difference between a simple repair and a serious health risk. 

  • Soot Signals: A visible soot buildup around your furnace is a red flag, often indicating incomplete combustion and potential cracks in the heat exchanger. 
  • Odor Alerts: Unusual smells during furnace operation shouldn’t be dismissed as mere quirks of the system; they can signal dangerous exhaust gases seeping into your home. 
  • Visual Clues: Keep an eye out for any visible cracks or unusual wear on the heat exchanger—this is a clear call to action for a professional assessment. 

When these signs appear, it’s not a moment for hesitation. Prompt attention from a qualified HVAC technician can ensure that the heart of your heating system continues to operate safely and effectively, even in winter’s full swing. 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Added Safety 

Carbon monoxide detectors play a big role in keeping your home comfortable. They can help protect your air quality by providing a layer of protection and an early warning system against the threat of carbon monoxide. 

  • Early Warning System: Carbon monoxide detectors provide an immediate alert to the presence of CO long before it reaches dangerous levels. 
  • Strategic Placement: Installing detectors in key areas throughout your home ensures comprehensive monitoring and timely detection. 
  • Lifesaving Investment: These devices are not just gadgets but lifesaving investments, offering precious time to act in the event of a CO leak. 

With these vigilant sentinels installed, you can rest easier, knowing that an advanced warning system stands guard against the silent threat of carbon monoxide, keeping you and your loved ones safe throughout the winter months. 

Safeguard Your Sanctuary: Act Now Against Cracked Heat Exchangers 

As the winter maintains its grip on Watkinsville, GA, understanding the silent dangers of cracked heat exchangers is about so much more than maintaining comfort. It is information that can help you ensure the safety of your home and family. It’s a subject that demands attention, not next season, not next month, but now. 

Reach out to Dream Heating & Cooling today, and let our expertise lead the way in inspecting, maintaining, and, if necessary, repairing your heating system. Don’t wait for warning signs to become emergencies. Be proactive in protecting your family from the invisible hazards of carbon monoxide.

Winter’s Allergy Arsenal: Tips and Tricks to Combat Indoor Allergens

As Watkinsville, GA, trudges through winter, the air is cool and the evenings are peaceful. However, for many, this season brings a challenge: indoor winter allergens like pollen and dust. In homes where warmth and comfort should reign, these allergens often wage a sneeze-inducing war. 

At Dream Heating & Cooling, helping you maintain an allergen-free home is something we deeply understand. Ready to explore practical steps to lessen the impact of these seasonal foes? Join us as we embark on ensuring your home stays a cozy haven this winter despite the presence of allergens. 

Keeping Allergens at Bay: A Winter Must-Do 

Seasonal allergens, often overlooked in winter, can significantly affect indoor air quality and your well-being in Watkinsville. While outdoor allergen levels may decrease, indoor allergens often increase as homes are sealed tight against the cold, trapping particles inside. 

Understanding how to effectively combat these irritants is crucial. This means not only addressing the allergens themselves but also optimizing your home environment to be less hospitable to their accumulation. Simple actions like maintaining optimal humidity levels can deter allergen proliferation, as excessively dry air can exacerbate allergen presence. 

Dream Heating & Cooling is dedicated to helping you create a healthier living space by outlining actionable steps to reduce allergens in your home, thereby enhancing your comfort and health during the winter months. 


Maintain Your Heating System to Eliminate Pesky Allergens 

Maintaining your heating system not only ensures a cozy and warm home but also has significant benefits for overall indoor air quality. There are various ways heating maintenance services contribute to a healthier living environment.

Efficient Filtration:

Heating systems are equipped with air filters designed to trap dust, pollen, and other particles. During maintenance, these filters are checked, cleaned, or replaced. A clean filter ensures that the air circulating in your home is free from airborne particles, promoting a healthier indoor environment.

Extended Equipment Lifespan:

Regular maintenance not only enhances indoor air quality but also prolongs the lifespan of your heating system. A well-maintained system operates more efficiently, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions and breakdowns. This not only saves you money on repairs but also ensures a consistently healthy indoor environment.

Step-by-Step Guide to Allergen-Free Winter Living 

The presence of seasonal allergies in winter isn’t inevitable. With the right approach, you can significantly reduce their impact on your home and health. Let’s explore the effective measures you can take. 

  • Regular Cleaning Routines 
  • Air Purifier Usage 
  • Pollen Prevention Measures 
  • Enhancing Ventilation 
  • Regular HVAC System Check-ups 
  • Investing in Hypoallergenic Bedding 

Regular Cleaning Routines 

A diligent cleaning routine is your first line of defense against seasonal allergens in Watkinsville. Regular vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum can capture tiny particles, including pollen and dust, which are common in winter. Pay extra attention to areas where allergens tend to accumulate, such as carpets, upholstery, and bedding. Wiping down surfaces frequently and washing fabrics like curtains and bed linens can greatly reduce the presence of irritants. Remember, a clean home isn’t just visually pleasing. It’s a healthier environment for you and your family, especially when indoor air quality is a concern during the colder months. 

Air Purifier Usage 

Using air purifiers is an effective way to combat seasonal allergens in your home. These devices work tirelessly to filter out pollen, dust, and other airborne particles, making your indoor air much cleaner. 

For best results, place air purifiers in high-traffic areas or rooms where you spend most of your time. Ensure that the purifiers have HEPA filters, as they are known for their efficacy in trapping microscopic allergens. 

Regular maintenance of these purifiers is essential to keep them functioning optimally, ensuring your indoor air quality remains high throughout the winter season. 

Pollen Prevention Measures 

Proactive measures can significantly reduce the intrusion of pollen into your Watkinsville home. Keeping an eye on local pollen forecasts and keeping windows closed on high pollen count days can prevent these allergens from entering your indoor space. 

Establishing a practice like leaving shoes at the door and using doormats can greatly minimize the tracking of pollen. Additionally, consider having an HVAC professional inspect your home for potential allergen entry points. Sealing gaps and ensuring proper filtration in your HVAC system can further bolster your home against these seasonal invaders, maintaining a more comfortable and allergen-free environment. 

Enhancing Ventilation 

Good ventilation is essential in keeping your indoor air quality high during the winter months in Watkinsville. While it might seem counterintuitive to open windows during cooler weather, allowing fresh air to circulate for short periods can significantly reduce indoor allergen levels. Consider using exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms to help remove allergen-laden air. 

On days when the pollen count is low, a brief airing out can refresh your indoor environment. This simple step, combined with your regular HVAC system use, ensures that the air in your home remains clean and less conducive to allergens, making your living space more comfortable and breathable. 

Regular HVAC System Check-ups 

Your HVAC system plays a pivotal role in maintaining indoor air quality, especially in terms of filtering out seasonal allergens. Scheduling regular check-ups with a professional from Dream Heating & Cooling ensures your system is not only running efficiently but also effectively filtering the air. 

During these check-ups, professionals can replace or clean air filters, which are crucial in trapping dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. They can also identify and fix any issues that might be hindering your system’s ability to purify the air. A well-maintained HVAC system is a powerful ally in your fight against seasonal allergens, keeping your indoor air clean and your family breathing easier. 

Investing in Hypoallergenic Bedding 

Creating an allergen-free zone in your bedrooms is crucial, especially during winter in Watkinsville. Hypoallergenic bedding can be a game-changer in this regard. These bedding options are designed to resist allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander, making your sleeping environment more conducive to restful, sneeze-free nights. 

Consider replacing pillows, mattresses, and comforters with hypoallergenic alternatives and notice the difference in your sleep quality. Additionally, encasing your mattress and pillows in allergen-proof covers can further shield you from these irritants. This step, often overlooked, can significantly enhance the overall quality of your indoor air and contribute to a healthier home environment. 

Breathe Easier with Dream Heating & Cooling 

Battling seasonal allergies during Watkinsville’s winter doesn’t have to be your reality. Embrace these practical steps for a home that’s not only cleaner but also healthier. Dream Heating & Cooling stands ready to assist, ensuring your living space remains an allergen-free sanctuary. 

Consider the impact of regular cleaning, air purifiers, and hypoallergenic bedding on your daily life. These changes are more than just comfort—they’re about your well-being. A well-maintained HVAC system not only purifies your air but also contributes to overall health. Take control this winter. Don’t let pollen and dust dominate!

Furnaces vs. Heat Pumps: Choosing the Ideal Heating Solution in Watkinsville, GA

In the picturesque heart of Watkinsville, GA, the change of seasons brings not just beauty but also a need for comfort. As the leaves turn and the air cools, the choice between furnaces and heat pumps becomes increasingly important. Furnaces use gas or electricity to produce heat, distributing it through ducts in your home. They are typically more effective in extremely cold climates. Heat pumps, on the other hand, work by transferring heat from the air or ground into your home, providing both heating and cooling. They are more energy-efficient but may be less effective in very cold weather. Our experts at Dream Heating & Cooling can help you weigh the pros and cons of each heating system, ensuring your home remains a comfortable sanctuary throughout the year

Tailoring Your Heat: Choosing Between Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Deciding on a heating system is a decision that goes beyond just the specs—it’s about matching your lifestyle and local climate with the right kind of warmth. In Watkinsville, where the weather often graces us with mild winters, a heat pump offers an energy-efficient way to keep your home snug, doubling as a cooler during those balmy summer days. 

But for those times when the Georgia chill becomes more biting, a furnace can deliver powerful, reliable heating that won’t falter, no matter the temperature outside. 

At Dream Heating & Cooling, we help you weigh these options, taking into account the specific needs of your home, from room sizes to insulation quality, ensuring you choose a system that fits just right. It’s this personalized approach that makes all the difference, ensuring you invest in a system that not only heats your home but does so with the utmost efficiency and adaptability for years to come.

Weighing Your Heating Options in Watkinsville

Choosing between a furnace and a heat pump is a decision that goes beyond just heating your home; it affects your comfort, energy usage, and even environmental footprint. 

In Watkinsville, where winters can be mild, and the need for cooling is just as crucial as heating, this choice becomes even more significant.

  • Efficiency and Climate Suitability 
  • Heating and Cooling Capabilities 
  • Initial Cost and Operating Efficiency 
  • Maintenance and Longevity 

Be sure to reach out to us about financing and special HVAC deals on repair or maintenance services.

Efficiency and Climate Suitability

Selecting the right heating system in Watkinsville, GA, hinges on a clear understanding of how different systems perform under our specific weather conditions. Heat pumps are champions of efficiency in regions with milder winters—they work by transferring heat rather than generating it, which generally uses less energy, translating to cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. 

However, during those occasional cold snaps that can take even the heartiest Southerner by surprise, furnaces offer unwavering reliability, with the ability to generate intense heat quickly regardless of the temperature outside. 

For homes in areas where the thermometer rarely dips low, a heat pump might be the ideal solution, offering a balance of efficient heating and cooling with one system. Conversely, if you find your winter nights are frequently frigid, the robust heat output of a furnace could make it the preferable choice. 

Dream Heating & Cooling will help assess your specific situation, ensuring the heating system selected for your Watkinsville home is as practical as it is powerful.

Heating and Cooling Capabilities

When pondering furnaces vs heat pumps for your home, consider the range of temperatures you encounter throughout the year. A furnace might be your go-to if you’re only looking to combat the chill, as it is singularly focused on providing heat. 

On the other hand, heat pumps are the multi-season MVPs, adept at warming your home during cooler months and switching roles to cool it down when the Georgia peach trees blossom under the summer sun. They’re particularly suited for the temperate climate of Watkinsville, where extreme temperature swings are less common. 

Dream Heating & Cooling understands that each home has unique needs, and we’re committed to guiding you toward a heating replacement or a new installation that promises year-round comfort tailored to your lifestyle and local weather patterns.

Initial Cost and Operating Efficiency

Navigating the initial costs of a new heating system can be akin to choosing between a reliable sedan or an all-electric vehicle—both have their merits, depending on your priorities. Furnaces often boast a lower upfront price tag, making them an attractive option for immediate installation without a hefty initial investment. 

Yet, the real savings with heat pumps manifest over time, as their energy-efficient operation can mean lower monthly bills, especially in climates like Watkinsville, where extreme cold is not a constant threat. When partnering with Dream Heating & Cooling, we break down the numbers for you, comparing the initial costs against potential energy savings to help you make an informed choice. 

It’s about finding a balance that works for your home and budget without compromising on comfort or efficiency over the lifespan of your heating system in Watkinsville, GA.

Maintenance and Longevity

The longevity of your heating system is a marathon, not a sprint, and maintenance is the steady pace that gets it across the finish line. Furnaces, with their robust construction, generally promise a lifespan of 15–20 years with proper care, including routine check-ups and timely repairs. 

Heat pumps, while potentially lasting a bit longer, will also require consistent maintenance to ensure they remain effective in both heating and cooling your home. 

At Dream Heating & Cooling, we emphasize the importance of regular maintenance for any system—be it a furnace or heat pump—to prevent the decline of performance over time. 

We’ll help you understand the unique requirements of your chosen system, ensuring heating systems in your Watkinsville home remain efficient year after year, season after season.

Embrace the Ideal Home Climate with Dream Heating & Cooling

The decision between a new furnace and a heat pump is more than a mere choice—it’s a commitment to your home’s year-round comfort and efficiency. 

In Watkinsville, where the climate demands flexibility, Dream Heating & Cooling stands ready to ensure your choice of heating in Watkinsville, Georgia, is a perfect match. Whether you lean toward the traditional strength of a furnace or the versatile efficiency of a heat pump, we’re here to facilitate a smooth transition to your new system. 

Give us a call, and let’s turn your home into a sanctuary of comfort no matter what the Georgia weather brings. Submit a form and contact us today.

Heater-Ready Holidays: Your Watkinsville HVAC Checklist for Cozy Celebrations

Home For The Holidays HVAC Checklist

As the leaves in Watkinsville, GA, don a golden hue and the air carries a brisk chill, thoughts of holiday gatherings and festive décor fill the mind. Ensuring your home is prepared for these moments means more than just decorating. It involves making certain your heating system is up to the task of keeping your space toasty and inviting. 

Before you string the lights and hang the stockings, Dream Heating & Cooling invites you to walk through our comprehensive HVAC checklist and recommendations for heater maintenance, designed to enhance the efficiency of your heater and safeguard your home against the winter’s chill.


Efficiency and Prevention: Your Heating System’s Holiday Preparation

The holiday season should be filled with joy, not concerns about heater malfunctions. To ensure your festivities are warm and uninterrupted, there are several key steps you can take to boost the efficiency of your heating system and preempt the need for repairs.

  • Scheduling Annual Maintenance
  • Changing Air Filters
  • Cleaning Air Vents
  • Thermostat Check
  • Holiday Light Safety
  • Sealing Drafts and Insulation Check


Scheduling Annual Maintenance

The cornerstone of heater maintenance in Watkinsville, GA, is the annual professional check-up. As the holidays approach, it’s crucial to ensure that your heating system is not only operational but optimized for performance. 

Booking a maintenance appointment with Dream Heating & Cooling allows us to inspect your system meticulously, calibrate components for maximum efficiency, and identify any potential issues that could interrupt your holiday comfort. This preventative step is a gift to your future self, ensuring that your heater runs seamlessly, providing a warm backdrop to your festive celebrations without the worry of unexpected breakdowns.

Changing Air Filters

A simple yet transformative step in heater maintenance is regularly changing air filters. This action, often overlooked, can have a profound impact on the air quality and efficiency of your heating system. 

A clean filter allows for unimpeded airflow, reducing the workload on your heater and extending its lifespan. As the holidays draw near, ensure your Watkinsville home is filled with clean, warm air by replacing your filters, a task Dream Heating & Cooling can assist you with, guaranteeing that your gatherings are not just cozy but also healthy for everyone in attendance.

Cleaning Air Vents

The pathways that deliver warmth to every corner of your home, your air vents, require attention, too. Clearing them of dust and debris not only improves heater efficiency but also prevents the circulation of allergens and particulates during your holiday festivities. 

In Watkinsville, where the winters can be unpredictable, having unobstructed vents means your heating system can distribute heat more evenly and effectively. Dream Heating & Cooling recommends a thorough vent cleaning before the holiday season kicks into full gear, ensuring that your comfort is felt in every holiday-lit room of your house.

Thermostat Check

An accurate thermostat is essential for maintaining the perfect warmth in your Watkinsville home during the holiday season. A thermostat check by Dream Heating & Cooling ensures your system responds correctly to your desired settings, providing efficient heating and helping to avoid unnecessary energy usage. 

If your home feels too cold despite a high thermostat setting, or if the heater cycles on and off too frequently, it might be time for a professional calibration. Remember, a properly functioning thermostat not only keeps your holiday atmosphere cozy but also helps manage your energy bills, allowing you to spend on gifts rather than utilities.

Holiday Light Safety

As you deck the halls with strings of lights, keep in mind that safety with your heating system should remain a priority. Ensure that your festive decorations, especially those requiring electricity, are positioned away from heating outlets to prevent fire hazards. 

Dream Heating & Cooling advises all Watkinsville residents to use LED lights that emit less heat and to never overload sockets, particularly on circuits shared with your heating system. These precautions help maintain safety while you enjoy the beauty and warmth of the season, protecting your home and loved ones during the most festive time of the year.

Sealing Drafts and Insulation Check

Keeping the cold out is just as important as generating warmth inside. Before the holiday season gets into full swing, check your home for drafts and seal any gaps around windows and doors. Insulation should also be inspected, particularly in the attic, where heat can escape. 

Dream Heating & Cooling can perform an energy audit, offering solutions to bolster your home’s defenses against the cold. Proper insulation and sealing not only enhance the effectiveness of your heater maintenance efforts but also contribute to a snug, draft-free environment for your holiday festivities in Watkinsville, GA.

Benefits of Proactive Heater Maintenance

Proactive heater maintenance of your heating system is the key to ensuring a cozy and reliable home environment throughout Watkinsville’s coldest months. By scheduling regular heater maintenance with Dream Heating & Cooling, you’re not just preventing unexpected breakdowns, you’re also reaping numerous benefits that come with diligent care:

  • Extended System Lifespan: Regular heater maintenance can significantly extend the life of your heating unit, ensuring years of consistent warmth.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: Clean systems with fresh filters and clear ductwork contribute to better indoor air quality, reducing allergens and pollutants.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: A well-maintained heater operates more efficiently, which means less energy waste and lower utility bills.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your heating system has been professionally serviced allows you to focus on holiday celebrations without the worry of heater issues.

With Dream Heating & Cooling, proactive heater maintenance is a simple, cost-effective way to protect your investment and guarantee a warm, welcoming home for the holidays in Watkinsville, GA.

Stay Cozy This Winter: Schedule Your Heater Tune-up With Dream Heating & Cooling

With the holiday season fast approaching, let Dream Heating & Cooling ensure your heater is prepared to provide the warm winter welcome you and your guests deserve. Don’t wait until the first cold snap hits Watkinsville—schedule your heater maintenance today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is ready for whatever the holidays bring. Reach out to Dream Heating & Cooling for unparalleled service and expertise, and make this holiday season the coziest one yet.

Is Heating Maintenance Important?

As the green trees begin to change into beautiful, enchanting hues of orange, gold, and red, you know that fall is finally here. For many homeowners in Watkinsville, fall is no doubt a magical time of the year. It’s also the perfect time for heating maintenance in Watkinsville, GA, to ensure your system works efficiently before you need it.

Here at Dream Heating & Cooling, we’re professional experts who provide a range of services, including heating maintenance. In this article, we will discuss what heating maintenance is, why the service is important, and the benefits of scheduling in the fall season. Check out our reviews to see what makes us different and for proof that you can trust us.

What Is Heating Maintenance?

Heating maintenance in Watkinsville, GA and surrounding areas simply means taking care of your heater and making sure that all the parts are working properly. It includes inspection, cleaning, adjusting your system, and much more to keep it running efficiently. Performing preventative tasks helps avoid uncomfortable breakdowns and costly repairs in the middle of a chilly season.

Our trusted team at Dream Heating & Cooling provides various heating services in Watkinsville, GA, including preventative heating maintenance. Our team has the expertise to care for your system correctly, which is important to keep you comfortable and offer peace of mind.

The Importance and Benefits Of Heating Maintenance

Many homeowners do not recognize heating repair signs until there is significant damage within the system or the system quits working entirely. Heating repairs in Watkinsville, GA can be hard to catch early without a professional eye, which is why heating maintenance is essential. Heating maintenance in Watkinsville, GA allows our highly trained experts to inspect each aspect of your heater and find potential malfunctions ahead of time.

By scheduling heating maintenance in Watkinsville, GA and surrounding areas, homeowners can experience the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Extended Lifespan
  • Lower Costs

Enhanced Safety

It doesn’t matter if your system uses oil, natural gas, or propane to heat your home. A tiny crack in your heating system or any minor malfunction can cause gasses like carbon monoxide to leak into your house. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, hazardous gas. It can permanently damage your health and even be fatal if inhaled in large quantities.

Our professionals at Dream Heating and Cooling prioritize your safety. They will thoroughly inspect and service your system, which will greatly reduce the risk of dangerous cracks, leaks, and other malfunctions.

Increased Efficiency

Another heating maintenance perk is increased efficiency. Minor issues like a dirty air filter, incorrect thermostat settings, or leaky ductwork can decrease the efficiency of your system. Frequent heating maintenance will enable your heating unit to perform its best, just like routine car tune-ups help improve your vehicle’s overall performance. Once everything is lubricated, cleaned, adjusted, and fixed, your heating unit will run more smoothly and efficiently.

Lower Energy Bills

Heating maintenance in Watkinsville, GA allows your system to run at its peak performance. Therefore, it won’t need to work as hard to heat your home. This can result in lower monthly energy bills. In the long run, savings from an efficient system can easily cover the cost of routine maintenance.

Extends Lifespan

Heating systems typically last about 10 to 25 years. However, that’s not a guarantee. You have to maintain your heating unit to get the most out of it. Routine heating maintenance is the best way to ensure your system effectively heats your home for many years to come. An efficient system is a happy system, and heating maintenance ensures your unit has minimal strain and frequent repairs. The less strain on your heating system, the more years of high performance you will experience.

Our professional technicians can keep each component of your heating system in top-notch shape by scheduling heating maintenance in Watkinsville, GA each fall season.

Lower Costs

Our skilled contractors will assess your system during maintenance, which enables us to discover any problems early. We can then repair those issues before they worsen and cause your heating unit to break down. This can significantly reduce the risk of a problem becoming severe enough to damage your system.

Being consistent about maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in extensive and expensive repairs over the life of your heating system. For instance, our routine maintenance professionals may find that a certain component in your heating unit is beginning to wear out. By promptly catching this issue and replacing the worn-out part, you can avoid severe damage from happening later on, which may need costly heating repair in Watkinsville, GA.

Why Heating Maintenance Is Necessary Each Fall Season

Fall heating maintenance in Watkinsville, GA and surrounding areas is an essential home service for various reasons, including:

Prevents Abrupt Breakdowns

There’s a good chance you won’t fire up your heater until it’s cold. The last thing you want is to find out if your heating system has problems when you need it the most. By servicing your system in the fall, you can ensure it’s in the best possible shape come heating season.

No Inconveniences

You’ll have spare time until the cold season kicks in. So you likely won’t need your heating system when our technicians are maintaining it. That means no abrupt dips to frigid temperatures inside your home and a more enjoyable overall experience.

Easier Scheduling

Professional technicians usually have swamped schedules during winter’s first big chill. Inevitably, it may become hard to find an expert who can address your heating woes immediately. In autumn, fewer people are trying to book heating maintenance services.

Scheduling your appointment in the fall will help you avoid possible long wait times. It will further ensure your system is ready to keep your house warm throughout the cold season. That way, you can enjoy the winter comfort you deserve without worrying about your heating unit.

Stay Warm and Safe With Heating Maintenance In Watkinsville, GA!

At Dream Heating and Cooling, our main focus is to keep homeowners happy, healthy, and safe each season in Georgia. Heating maintenance prevents uncomfortable and costly situations by ensuring each heating component is working properly. Let our team keep you warm and cozy without any hassle or inconvenience. Contact us today to schedule heating maintenance in Watkinsville, GA and surrounding areas!

Our Favorite Spots In & Around Watkinsville

At Dream Heating & Cooling, we believe living and working in our community is, well, a dream! Long-time residents and newcomers alike are always finding fun places to explore, dine, and enjoy the company of others. Sites like the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation show how our town can proudly represent Oconee County. The Elder Mill Covered Bridge is also a rare treat in the Empire State of the South, and it’s right here in town.

As a local HVAC company in Watkinsville, GA, our technicians and staff members enjoy supporting and trying new restaurants and activities in our community. In this article, the Dream Heating and Cooling team will list and describe some of our favorite local spots in Watkinsville, GA.

Places To Eat In Watkinsville, GA

It’s tough to run out of new flavors to try in Watkinsville. From fresh, crisp greens to country-fried chicken and onion rings to Mexican-Mediterranean fusion on the patio, our company’s team has plenty to recommend.


Whether it’s a warm summer night or a chilly evening, Girasoles has the atmosphere. As an AC company in Watkinsville, GA, we’re all for a space that knows how to invite a relaxing time in good company. The chef-and-owner’s menu is all about fresh and local food with an exciting twist. Try the grouper with a crawfish Cajun sauce or settle in for a juicy rack of lamb!

Rachel’s Southern Style Restaurant

What says soul food more than country-fried steak in white gravy with a side of collard greens? After a long day of AC repair in Watkinsville, GA, Rachel’s is where our team will be. If the rocking chairs aren’t enough to let you feel relaxed, the generous portions and friendly staff will be!

Kiki’s Bakeshop

Here in Watkinsville, we’ve been lucky enough to wake up to the scent of Kiki’s fresh-baked muffins and loaves of bread for nearly ten years. If savory is your thing, grab some homemade pimento cheese or a slice of spinach and mushroom quiche. Don’t worry, though, as there’s plenty of sweet bourbon pecan pies, lemon bars, and delightfully gooey sticky buns to go around.

The Krimson Kafe

Everyone on our team needs fuel to keep our HVAC company in Watkinsville, GA in tip-top shape. For a sit-down soup-and-salad combo or a sandwich with all the fixings on the go, the Krimson Kafe has it all. Stay refreshed year-round with a glass of their hometown sweet tea!

Things To Do In Watkinsville, GA

Agritourism, artistic spectacles, and historical wonders are vibrant features of our community. If you’ve not yet had the chance to explore some of the delightful experiences our town has to offer, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Twilight Lavender Farm

When the weather outside is pleasant, we invite you to take in the fresh scents at Twilight Lavender Farm. Enjoy the beauty of their landscape and stop off at the gift shop for some handmade lavender products, as well as an assortment of other goodies.

Happy Valley Pottery, Inc.

Dream Heating & Cooling considers AC replacement and installation in Watkinsville, GA to be an art form, but we also love to support the resident artists at Happy Valley Pottery, Inc. Visit their open studio for glass-blowing demonstrations and local galleries. You can take a tour and take a beautiful pottery piece home!

Harry Shoals Park

As an AC Company in Watkinsville, GA, we’re confident that you and yours will have a pleasant home atmosphere to return to after a day outdoors. Our team encourages you to explore the rocky streams and open fields of Harry Shoals Park. It’s a great place to do some birdwatching or swing at the playground!

Eagle Tavern Museum

We’d like to make sure your HVAC systems are up to date, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some history in other ways. So, take the opportunity to step back in time at the Eagle Tavern Museum. Surrounded by the Antebellum Trail, the 19th-century stop offers indoor, outdoor, and even potentially ghostly experiences.

Local Businesses In Watkinsville, GA

Even when you’ve got too much on your plate for going about town, there are many ways local businesses can support you. In turn, supporting a local business will help our community thrive. Take the opportunity to turn to your neighbors for the products and services you need.

  • Oconee County Civic Center: A 500-seat theater and a huge banquet room await you at Oconee County Civic Center. Enjoy a local performance or work with staff who are always on hand to help you book your special family or work event!
  • Farmington Depot Antiques & More: Once a railroad station many years ago, Farmington Depot Antiques & More has been given new life as a place for rare finds and local goods. Compliment your home with a piece of Watkinsville’s past or locally made fine soaps and enjoy the company of fellow residents while you do so.
  • Empire South: Our community loves to showcase our hometown pride. One of the best ways to express ourselves is with the clothes we wear and the gifts we give. Even when you shop online, you can see your neighbors’ favorite picks in real time. Put down your Watkinsville roots by finding something you and yours will love at Empire South!
  • Dream Heating & Cooling: We are an industry-leading HVAC company in Watkinsville, GA who makes it our mission to give you the unique comfort of home. The last thing we want is for you to be tossing and turning at night, whether that’s due to a lack of temperature control or stress about the right company to call. Count on Dream, and in no time, you’ll be counting sheep!

Count On Dream, A Local HVAC Company In Watkinsville, GA!

Whether you consider yourself a fine arts connoisseur, an amateur ghost hunter, or a hiking buff, Watkinsville has a place for you. After a busy day of engaging with our local attractions, you can treat yourself to a hearty meal at any one of our famous restaurants. Dream Heating & Cooling is pleased to welcome you to Watkinsville and welcome you home!

When To Repair Your Air Conditioner & When To Replace

Summers in Watkinsville and Athens, GA, are filled with excitement and sun-kissed moments. Maybe you’re planning family picnics at Harris Shoals Park or enjoying an iced coffee from Jittery Joe’s Coffee. Whatever your plans, coming home to a cool environment is a must. But if your air conditioner is acting up, should you call for AC repair in Athens, GA, or is it time for a full AC replacement? In this article, the Dream Heating and Cooling experts will help you make this essential decision by comparing signs of AC repair and AC replacement.

Understanding Your AC System: Repair or Replacement

When your air conditioning system isn’t working as it should, you’re faced with two primary options: AC repair or AC replacement. Understanding the condition, age, and efficiency of your system can greatly influence this decision. AC repair in Athens, GA might be suitable for minor issues, while AC replacement could be the best solution for an old or worn-out system. This blog article provides a comprehensive guide to making the right choice for your comfort and your wallet.

When To Repair Your Air Conditioner

Recognizing when your AC system needs repair is crucial. Here are five reasons when you might consider AC repair in Watkinsville, GA and surrounding areas:

  • Minor Technical Problems
  • Isolated Component Failure
  • System Still Under Warranty
  • Recent Installation and Well-maintained
  • Cost-Effective Quick Fixes

Minor Technical Problems

Your air conditioning system might suddenly start blowing warm air or cycling frequently. Often, these glitches aren’t indicative of a significant problem. A minor issue like a malfunctioning thermostat or a clogged filter might be causing these symptoms. Calling for AC repair in Athens, GA can quickly diagnose and fix these small problems, ensuring that your home stays cool without the need for more drastic measures.

Isolated Component Failure

An air conditioning system comprises various parts, and sometimes one of these components might fail without affecting the overall integrity of the unit. For instance, a failed capacitor or a leaky refrigerant line might be troubling you. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need an entirely new system. A skilled technician from Dream Heating and Cooling can replace or repair these isolated components, restoring your system’s efficiency without the need for a complete AC replacement.

System Still Under Warranty

If your air conditioner is still under warranty, that can be a significant factor in deciding to repair rather than replace it. The warranty might cover specific parts or even labor costs, making AC repair the economically sensible option. Reviewing your warranty details with a professional like Dream Heating and Cooling can help you understand the best course of action, saving you money and extending your system’s life.

Recent AC Installation and Well-maintained

If your air conditioner was recently installed and has been well-maintained, it’s likely that any issues you encounter are repairable. Regular maintenance can catch small problems before they become big ones, and a recently installed system shouldn’t be prone to major failures. Opting for AC repair in Athens, GA, can resolve your problems without the need for a premature replacement. Trusting in routine maintenance and professional repair keeps your newer system running smoothly.

Cost-Effective Quick Fixes

Sometimes, your air conditioner might need a quick and cost-effective fix, like recalibrating the thermostat or cleaning the evaporator coils. These repairs are typically straightforward and relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of a full system replacement. By opting for AC repair in Watkinsville, GA, you’re choosing a path that restores your home’s comfort quickly without a significant financial burden. Even seemingly complicated issues might turn out to be simple fixes in the hands of experienced professionals like Dream Heating and Cooling.

When To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Knowing when to replace your AC system is equally vital. Here are five instances when you might think about AC replacement in Athens, GA and surrounding areas:

  • Age and Inefficiency
  • Major Structural Damage
  • High Repair Costs
  • Desire For Modern Features
  • Mismatch With Your Home’s Cooling Needs

Age and Inefficiency

As your air conditioning system ages, its efficiency inevitably declines. Older units often consume more energy and provide less cooling, leading to increased utility bills and less comfort. If your system is over 10–15 years old and you’re noticing a spike in energy costs or decreased performance, it might be time to consider AC replacement in Watkinsville, GA. A new, energy-efficient model could significantly reduce your monthly bills and provide a more comfortable living environment.

Major Structural Damage

Certain types of damage can be so extensive that repair is no longer a viable option. For example, corrosion, irreparable damage to the compressor, or extensive leakage in the refrigerant lines might necessitate a complete system replacement. Assessing the system with Dream Heating and Cooling can provide an expert opinion on whether the structural damage is too great, and a new AC installation in Athens, GA, is the only logical choice.

High Repair Costs

Sometimes, the cost of repairing your air conditioner might be so high that investing in a new system makes more financial sense. If your system requires frequent repairs and the cumulative expenses are approaching or exceeding the cost of a new unit, it may be time to consider AC replacement in Athens, GA. A new system not only eliminates ongoing repair bills but often comes with a fresh warranty, providing peace of mind for years to come.

Desire For Modern Features

Technology advances quickly, and your old AC system might lack modern features that provide added convenience and efficiency. If you desire programmable thermostats, smart home integration, or enhanced energy efficiency, upgrading to a new system might be the right choice. AC replacement in Athens, GA gives you access to the latest innovations in cooling technology, enhancing your home’s comfort and convenience.

Mismatch With Your Home’s Cooling Needs

Your cooling needs might have changed since your existing system was installed. Perhaps you’ve remodeled or expanded your living space, or the old system was never correctly matched to your home’s size and layout. A system that’s too large or too small for your home can lead to inefficiency and discomfort. AC replacement in Athens, GA allows you to choose a system that’s perfectly tailored to your current needs, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

Dream Of Comfort—Count On Dream Heating and Cooling

Deciding between repair and replacement is more than a quick judgment. It requires careful consideration of various factors unique to your situation. Dream Heating and Cooling, serving Athens, GA and surrounding areas is committed to guiding you through this essential process. Whether it’s AC repair, AC replacement, or AC installation in Athens, GA, we are here for you. Contact us today, and let us transform your home into a cool and comfortable oasis.

Why Did My AC Stop Working?

As the sun reaches its peak over the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA, there’s nothing more satisfying than retreating to the cool oasis of your home, courtesy of an air conditioner operating at peak performance. But what if your AC suddenly fails you, transforming your refuge into a sweltering, stuffy space? If you’re left wondering, “Why did my AC stop working?” Dream Heating and Cooling can help! In this article, we discuss common reasons your air conditioner stopped working and how our team can provide AC repair in Watkinsville, GA and surrounding areas.

Understanding Air Conditioners

Your air conditioner’s function is all about balance. It absorbs heat from the indoor air and transfers it outside, leaving your interior cool and comfortable. When you run into a problem that you think may require AC repair in Bogart, GA, it helps to understand some of the basics and main components of how these systems operate.

  • Compressor: The compressor is the heart of your AC system. It’s the part that circulates the refrigerant necessary for heat exchange through the coils of your indoor and outdoor unit. It’s often referred to as the “engine” that drives the air conditioning cycle.
  • Condenser Coil: Located in the outdoor unit of your AC system, the condenser coil disperses heat from the refrigerant into the outdoor air. It moves through the condenser coil where heat is removed, allowing it to cool before condensing back into liquid form.
  • Evaporator Coil: This coil is found in the indoor unit of your AC system. It functions opposite to the condenser coil. Cooled refrigerant travels through it and absorbs both heat and moisture from the air in your home. As the heat is absorbed, the refrigerant turns back into a gas and travels back to the compressor to restart the cycle.
  • Air Filter: The air filter is a crucial part of your AC system. It removes dust, pollen, and other contaminants from the air before it has a chance to circulate through your home. Keeping the air filter clean not only ensures better air quality but also maintains the efficiency of your AC system.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat is your main control for the AC system. It senses the temperature in your home and sends signals to your system to either start or stop cooling based on the temperature settings you’ve chosen.
  • Blower Motor: This component is responsible for blowing the cooled air out of the AC and into your ductwork, which then disperses it throughout your home.

Understanding these key components can help you identify when your AC might not be operating as it should. At Dream Heating and Cooling, we believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to understand their AC system better. That way, you can quickly recognize when it’s time to call for AC repair in Bishop, GA and surrounding areas.

Common Reasons Your AC Stopped Working

When you notice that your air conditioner is not reaching the desired temperature or just doesn’t seem to be performing at its peak, it may be caused by one of these common issues:

  • Low Refrigerant Levels
  • Clogged Air Filter
  • Faulty Capacitor Or Contactor
  • Thermostat Issues
  • Blocked Condenser Unit

Low Refrigerant Levels

Your AC requires a specific amount of refrigerant to function efficiently. If there’s a leak in the refrigerant lines, your system may lose refrigerant and stop cooling your home effectively. This can lead to discomfort and can also place extra stress on the system as it struggles to reach the desired temperature. The solution will require having a professional HVAC technician, experienced in AC repair, locate and repair the leak before refilling the refrigerant.

Clogged Air Filter

A common culprit behind many AC problems is a dirty or clogged air filter. When the filter is clogged, it restricts airflow to the system due to limited flow area, making it work harder and potentially leading to more serious issues like frozen evaporator coils. Regularly replacing or cleaning your air filter can save you from unnecessary AC repair in Watkinsville, GA.

Faulty Capacitor Or Contactor

Capacitors and contactors play a crucial role in the operation of your AC. A faulty capacitor can lead to the compressor and fans not running, while a worn-out contactor can interrupt the electrical connection, leading to a breakdown. These components should be examined by an HVAC professional to see if AC repairs are required, so they can replace the parts for you.

Thermostat Issues

A malfunctioning thermostat might be why your AC isn’t working the way it should. It could be incorrectly calibrated or simply in need of new batteries. If adjusting the settings or changing the batteries doesn’t fix your issue, it might be time to upgrade to a new thermostat.

Blocked Condenser Unit

The outdoor condenser unit plays a critical role in dissipating heat from your home. If it’s blocked by debris or vegetation, it can’t perform effectively, leading to an overworked AC and potential failure. Regularly clearing the area around your condenser unit can prevent this issue and save you from unnecessary AC repairs in Winterville, GA and surrounding areas.

Common AC Repairs & How Dream Heating and Cooling Can Help

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare in the peak of summer: your AC stops working. If you’re facing any of the issues mentioned above, professional AC repair in Athens, GA by Dream Heating and Cooling technicians can ensure your system gets back on track so you can get back to enjoying your summer. Whether it’s fixing refrigerant leaks, replacing a worn-out component, upgrading the thermostat, or conducting a thorough system clean-up, our team of skilled AC technicians is ready to restore your home’s comfort promptly and efficiently.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – Trust The AC Repair Professionals

With the hot Georgia sun beating down, a malfunctioning AC can be a homeowner’s nemesis. Take a proactive approach toward maintaining your AC and don’t hesitate to call in the experts when needed. Let Dream Heating and Cooling take care of any needed AC repair in Bogart, GA, and surrounding areas, so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home, no matter the weather outside. Call our team of experts today to schedule an appointment!

How To Keep Air Conditioning Bills Low This Summer

The summer season is full of outdoor activities, vacations, and family gatherings. With many plans and expenses on your schedule, the last thing you need to worry about is affording an expensive air conditioning bill. Home comfort should and can be affordable for homeowners who implement HVAC and home maintenance tasks throughout the season. In this article, we list tips to keep your energy bills low without sacrificing your comfort.

5 Tips To Lower Utility Bills In Oconee County

Many homeowners believe they have to adjust their temperature preferences and live uncomfortably to save on air conditioning bills, however, this is not the case. While adjusting your thermostat is the best and easiest way to lower AC energy costs, there are many other ways to help save and stay comfortable! The less energy your HVAC system uses, the more it will help monthly bills. Below we have listed five tips for homeowners to implement that lowers AC energy usage and helps keep your air conditioning costs to a minimum.

1. Practice Routine AC Maintenance

Regular air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep your air conditioner functioning at peak performance and your energy costs low. We recommend scheduling maintenance once a year in the spring to ensure your air conditioner stays energy-efficient and avoids costly repairs. During annual AC maintenance in Bishop, GA, your Dream technician will check and handle all the following:

  • Refrigerant leaks, level, and disposal
  • Leakages in the ducts or internal air conditioner lines
  • Cleaning your coils and making sure they work properly
  • Ensuring all electronic components work as intended
  • Cleaning and tightening electrical connections
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Verifying the thermostat works

AC maintenance in Watkinsville, GA and surrounding areas helps your air conditioner use less energy to function, which saves on utility costs in the future.

Change Air Filters

Air filters keep the air you breathe at home clean by catching harmful pollutants. Over time, air filter debris can build up and the filter will need to be cleaned or replaced. If your air conditioning unit is operating with a dirty air filter, the AC uses more energy to push air through the clogged filter pores. The increased energy usage will reflect on AC costs, as well as potentially lead to costly AC repairs in Watkinsville, GA. We recommend replacing your air filter at least every 90 days to maintain good indoor air quality, airflow, and AC efficiency.

Coil Cleaning

Your air conditioner relies on its evaporator and condenser coils to function properly. While they perform different tasks, your AC unit can’t blow cold air without both sets working efficiently.

Over time, especially when an AC unit resides outside, these coils build up dust and dirt. When they’re caked with debris, they raise your energy bills by forcing your air conditioner to work harder to achieve the same results. Eventually, they can even freeze or cause more serious damage to your AC unit.

Keeping the coils clean ensures your unit can keep running at peak conditions. You can use a hose and light cleaning solution to wash them. However, when you hire a professional for maintenance or upkeep, you won’t risk causing further damage to your unit.

2. Utilize The Best Thermostat Options

As we have mentioned, adjusting your thermostat is an easy and effective way to lower utility bills. The closer your thermostat setting is to the outdoor temperature, the more you will save. However, we would never suggest you sacrifice your comfort. We recommend altering your home’s temperature while you are away and asleep. Regular thermostats get the job done, however, it can be tedious and forgetful to remember to adjust the thermostat as you are leaving for work in the morning or going to bed at night.

Programmable and smart thermostats are a great option if you consider upgrading your thermostat. Programmable thermostats operate on a pre-programmed schedule to adjust your home’s temperature at specific times. Additionally, you can automatically turn off your air conditioner or adjust your thermostat when you’re not home with a smartphone. You can even tell it to start cooling the air a half hour before you arrive. This means you save money by shutting down your AC unit when you’re not around but can still return to comfort.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners can save up to 10% a year by adjusting their thermostat 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day.

3. Seal & Insulate

One of the main reasons homeowners struggle with high air conditioning costs is because air is leaking from their home through cracks and little insulation. Insulation provides great support for keeping your home cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient. It helps your home retain cool air longer, which decreases the workload of your air conditioner.

Cool air could be escaping through cracks in your windows and doors, and we recommend homeowners take action to seal the air leaks. An easy and low cost way to seal cracks in your home is by caulking and weather stripping.

4. Utilize Fans

One brilliant way to keep air conditioning bills low this summer is by utilizing fans as alternate ways of cooling off. Our bodies can cool off naturally using evaporation, and fans enhance this effect by circulating air.

While fans do not alter a room’s temperature, they provide a cool breeze and make the room feel cooler. We recommend homeowners utilize standing and ceiling fans when they are in a room to help provide cool comfort. By using fans, homeowners can adjust their thermostat setting without feeling a comfort difference.

5. Block Sunlight

Sunlight is a major source of heat in your home, so if you block it from entering through your windows, you can reduce your heat gain and lower AC energy usage. We understand opening blinds and curtains provides daylight, but it could be heating up your home and raising your utility bills. We recommend keeping blinds and curtains closed throughout the day.

Call Dream Heating And Cooling For AC Services In Athens, GA!

Now that you know how to keep air conditioning bills low this summer, you can experience the perfect mix of comfort and affordability this season. The Dream Heating and Cooling team provides a variety of AC services to help maintain your summer comfort. For AC repair in Bishop, GA, as well as AC maintenance and replacement, give our technicians a call!